General License 13 - Authorizing Transactions Involving Ansarallah (January 25, 2021) (Archived)

Date issued: Jan. 25 2021

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TURBOFAC Commentary (292 words)


* 2/16/2021 UPDATE: on 2/16/2021, Ansarallah’s FTO and SDGT designations were removed. As a result, OFAC removed FAQ # 875, FAQ # 876, FAQ # 877, and archived Ansarallah-related GTSR/FTOSR General License 9, GTSR/FTOSR General License 10, GTSR/FTOSR General License 11, GTSR/FTOSR General License 12 and GTSR/FTOSR General License 13. See

1) See FAQ # 875 for the “General Background Comment Common to the 1/19/2020 FAQs and General Licenses Related to the Designation of Ansarallah as an FTO/SDGT.”

2) With the exception of the unblocking of property that is blocked and...