Subscription Details and Pricing


TURBOFAC® users can access the site’s paid content in three ways:

  • Pay a flat fee to retrieve an individual document

  • Subscribe for unlimited access to the Research System

  • Subscribe for unlimited access to the Research and Interview Systems

To take advantage of the first option, find a document using the "Search by Title" button on the main Research System interface. You will be given the option to pay a flat fee to view, print and/or download the entire document. You will have continued access to any document that you have purchased.


We currently offer unlimited access to the Research System for a one-time signup fee, in addition to a quarterly recurring license fee, payable in advance once every three months. Unlimited access to the Research System entails unlimited searches and unlimited individual document downloads, subject to the terms of the Subscription Agreement. Accounts are activated within 24 hours of initial payment, and normally within the same business day.


We have flexible pricing model takes account of a number of variables, including (i) the number of unique sets of login credentials that a given subscriber requires, (ii) the extent to which personalized training is required, and (iii) the status of the subscriber as a for-profit, commercial entity or a non-commercial entity such as an academic institution, NGO or government agency. We offer discounts for bulk purchasers, as well as for non-commercial entities.


Contact [email protected] to request a quote, or schedule a demo with the tool available here.