Case No. BU-2013-305114-1

Date issued: Jul. 01 2014

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TURBOFAC Commentary (999 words)


1) Background

Case No. BU-2013-305114-1 is the cover for License No. BU-2013-305114-1. We do not have License No. BU-2013-305114-1 on file, but the cover letter reproduces the key language of the authorization section of the license.

At the time of the issuance of the license, Myanmar Timber Enterprise (“MTE”) was blocked pursuant to 13464 (it had initially been named an SDN in 2008. As of 5/10/2021, MTE is blocked pursuant to EO 14014). MTE is (and was) a state-owned enterprise responsible for the production and export of timber on behalf of the Burmese military regime ("MTE....has monopoly control of the Burmese timber trade" - letter from applicant to the State Department at p. 4 of the native PDF file).

The scope of this license relates, impliedly, to the question addressed in