31 CFR § 510.514 - Official activities of international organizations.

Date issued: Mar. 05 2018

TURBOFAC Commentary (198 words)


1) This generally licenses "official activities of international organizations." When the authorization in this GL is combined with the exemption at 510.213(e), covered "official activities of international organizations" are exempt from the entirety of the NKSR.

Note that the difference between activities generally licensed and exempt is not the result of a policy choice on the part of OFAC, or anything that should define the scope of what activities are permitted, but is instead a result of the way in which these activities are addressed (or not) in the underlying statutes/EOs that the regulations implement.

2) Compare with more detailed analogue in the ITSR (560.539) and generally similar analogue of the SySR (542.513). The illustrative list of transactions permitted in the ITSR version 560.539 presumably informs the scope of this GL.

3) Consult the Research System for items that bear on the scope and operation of “official business” general licenses and exemptions.

*[5-16-2020 Update: see general discussion of the “official business” licenses at General Note on Exemptions and General Licenses for the “Official Business” of the U.S. Government (and/or United Nations) and Employees, Contractors, or Grantees Thereof]