31 CFR § 560.550 - Certain noncommercial, personal remittances to or from Iran authorized.

Date issued: Oct. 22 2012

TURBOFAC Commentary (114 words)


1) There are remittance GLs in all IEEPA-based embargo programs, as well as the CACR. The GLs used in IEEPA programs are broadly similar in scope. Refer to General Note on Remittances; Guidance Letters Concerning Personal Remittances (System Ed. Note), for comments on the scope and operation of this GL.

2) Unlike the NKSR version of the GL, the ITSR version has no dollar limit.

3) Unlike the SySR, NKSR, and Crimea versions of this GL, the ITSR version does not allow for the participation of all "U.S.-registered money transmitters." Only those meeting the definition of "United States depository institution" or a "United States registered broker or dealer in securities."