31 CFR § 560.211 - Prohibited transactions involving blocked property.

Date issued: Nov. 05 2018

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TURBOFAC Commentary (1264 words)


Except as specified below, this is a standard blocking prohibition, as it appears in a non-abbreviated set of sanctions regulations that incorporate into the regulations the primary and derivative designation criteria used to determine the range of persons with respect to which blocking prohibitions apply. Subsections (d) - (f) appear in all modern sanctions regulations. The scope of the basic blocking provision is generally interpreted harmoniously on a cross-programmatic basis. Refer to Notes Common to most "Prohibited transactions" and "Prohibited transactions involving blocked property" Provisions; an Introduction to the Basic Blocking Language (System Ed. Note), which serves as a jumping-off point for other system notes dealing with the scope of basic blocking language in further detail.

Notes specific to 560.211.


560.211(a), (b) and (c)(1)(i) implement Executive Order 13599 of February 5,...