General Note on the Boilerplate "5XX.101" Provision (Titled "Relation of this part to other laws and regulations") (System Ed. Note)

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TURBOFAC Commentary (2231 words)

Notes Common to "5XX.101" Provisions (Titled "Relation of this part to other laws and regulations") (System Ed. Note)

5XX.101 is virtually identical in every sanctions program, with the exception of ~12 programs in which a note to the provision explains that the part is issued in "abbreviated form for the purpose of providing immediate guidance to the public," and a few which explicitly call attention to the lack of a relationship between certain substantively related but legally distinct sanctions regulations (e.g. the ITSR and the WMDPSR, where it is commonly misunderstood that a GL contained only in the ITSR does not authorize a transaction involving an Iranian designated under the ITSR and WMDPSR). The provision also informs the relationship...