Increasing Iran Metals Sanctions Targeting Iran’s Nuclear, Military, and Ballistic Missile Programs and the IRGC (IFCA Section 1245 Guidance)

Date issued: Jan. 15 2021

TURBOFAC Commentary (114 words)


1) See also FAQ # 298, FAQ # 299, Findings Pursuant to the Iran Freedom and Counter-Proliferation Act (IFCA) of 2012 (IFCA Sec. 1245 Guidance) and State Department Advisory on the Export of Metals Products to Iran for other metals-related determinations bearing on the scope of IFCA section 1245. This determination brings the listed metals within the scope of the secondary sanctions provision at section 1245(a)(1)(C)(i)(III) of IFCA.

2) Published in the Federal Register at 86 FR 8473 on 02/05/2021. (